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A Wine Lover's Diary, part 213 (November 3, 2008)

Monday, October 27: This week is all about moving. Today I packed boxes. I divided the wine books into two piles – those that I refer to mostly and those that I consult irregularly. With the internet now, most wine books are superfluous as well as being out of date. The ones I never look at I'm giving to George Brown.

Tuesday, October 28: The movers are coming tomorrow morning. Pinot is frantic wondering what all the boxes are doing piled up all over the place. We are taking her over to a neighbour's for the actual move because all the coming and going will drive her nuts. I didn't realize how much stuff we have. It's not all going to fit into the condo. Deborah and I dine at Michael's on Yonge, our last meal in the neighbourhood. An excellent meal with wines I'd brought in – Red Rooster Riesling 2007 and Chateau Ducla 2005 (a very reasonable claret), which we shared with the wait staff.

Wednesday, October 29: Moving day. The truck arrives at 10 am and four guys start to load the van. Faith Goldman, our real estate agent, has kindly brought over sandwiches so at least we'll have lunch. We have the elevator at the condo reserved for 3 pm–6 pm. WE get the van all packed by 4pm but the elevator is not available to us for an hour as builders are using it. The building looks like a construction site. Our condo on the fourteenth floor has no dishwasher, washing machine or drier yet. We finish moving stuff in by 8:30 pm and I go for take-out chicken at the churrasco place around the corner on Eglinton. Then I go to pick up Pinot, who is in the empty house. She is stressed and suffering from separation anxiety. Her mood is not improved when I get her to the condo. Every inch of floor space is covered with boxes or furniture and Pinot is not happy. She is terrified of the elevator (her first time in one) and barks furiously. This does not augur well, but we are the only occupants on this floor.

Thursday, October 30: A notice says that the power in the building will be out from 9 am to 4 pm. There is only one emergency elevator working. We spend the day opening boxes and trying to put stuff away. In the kitchen two of the major cupboards don't have shelves. There are workmen and plaster dust everywhere. The hallways are not finished, nor are the elevators. At least my newspaper is being delivered, even if we have to go to the post office for our mail. We dine on the left-over chicken from last night with a bottle of Road 13 Jackpot Pinot Noir 2007 – a delicious wine from the Okanagan (formerly Golden Mile Cellars).

Friday, October 31: Hallowe'en. Today I have a Vintages tasting. This is a huge December release. 140 wines are out and a lot of expensive bottles, including Torbreck Run Rig 2004 from the Barossa Valley, a Shiraz with 3.5% Viognier – the best wine at the tasting – and selling for $274.95. More unpacking of boxes but a nice break in the evening as Deborah and I have tickets to Don Giovanni at the new opera house.




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