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Cuvée Wine Awards 2009 

The highly anticipated results of the prestigious Cuvée Wine Awards were announced in Niagara Falls on February 27 during the Cuvée Gala, known as the "Oscars" of the Ontario wine industry. 

The Cuvée Wine Awards are the only awards in Canada where the winning wines are chosen by the winemakers, and the judging process upholds strict criteria for the award winners and the wines selected for pouring at the Gala.

Each participating winery enters its three best wines into the competition and can also present two wines distributed through the LCBO to compete in the General List Red Wine and General List White Wine categories.

This year, 41 winemakers tasted over 190 wines from 52 wineries to determine the winners. In addition, during the judging process, judges were asked to indicate if wines merited a Cuvée Gold designation, demonstrating international standards for excellence in quality. The Cuvée Award Winners are listed below.

Wineries sell the coveted award-winning wines at their winery boutiques over the Cuvée weekend, where they traditionally sell out within a matter of days. Consumers can shop for these wines and experience special tastings during Cuvée En Route, a weekend passport program that takes place at participating wineries. Details can be found on the Cuvée web site,, and passports can be purchased for $30.00 at participating wineries this weekend.

Proceeds from Cuvée Weekend go to the Niagara Community Foundation and are used in its work with community groups across the region.     

Cuvée Awards 2009

Red Wine
sponsored by Scott Laboratories
Thirty Bench Wine Makers
Small Lot Cabernet Franc 2006 GOLD

Limited Edition Red Wine
sponsored by Sun Media
Creekside Estate Winery
Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2005 GOLD

White Wine
sponsored by Scott Laboratories
Legends Estates Winery
Riesling Reserve 2003 GOLD

Limited Edition White Wine
sponsored by Vines Magazine
(Tied for 1st Place)
Cattail Creek Estate Winery
Barrel Fermented Chardonnay 2007 GOLD
Creekside Estate Winery
Viognier 2007 GOLD

General List Red Wine
LCBO Chair Award
Dan Aykroyd Winery
Cabernet Shiraz 2007

General List White Wine
LCBO Chair Award
Jackson Triggs Niagara Estate Winery
Proprietors' Reserve Sauvignon Blanc 2007 GOLD

Sparkling Wines
Hillebrand Estates Winery
Showcase Sparkling Riesling 2006 1st Place
Maleta Estate Winery
View Old Vines Brut 2006 2nd Place

Sweet Wines
sponsored by Bruni Glass Packaging Canada
Inniskillin Wines
Riesling Icewine 2007 1st Place GOLD
Konzelmann Estate Winery
Vidal Icewine 2007 2nd Place  GOLD
Peller Estates Winery
Riesling Icewine 2006 3rd Place GOLD

Limited Edition Sweet Wine
De Sousa Wine Cellars
Cabernet Franc Icewine 2006

Tawse Winery
Meritage 2006 1st Place GOLD
Strewn Winery
Three Terroir 2006 2nd Place

Pinot Noir
Niagara College Teaching Winery
Dean's List Pinot Noir 2007 1st Place
Flat Rock Cellars
Pinot Noir 2007 2nd place

Cabernet Franc
Thirty Bench Wine Makers
Wine Makers Small Lot Cabernet Franc 2006 1st Place GOLD
Cave Spring Cellars
Cabernet Franc Estate 2006 2nd Place GOLD
Grange of Prince Edward Estate Winery
Grange Cabernet Franc Northfield Block 2007 3rd Place

Harvest Estates Winery
Merlot 2006

Creekside Estate Winery
Broken Press Shiraz 2006 1st Place GOLD
Lailey Vineyard
Lailey Vineyard Syrah Niagara River 2007 2nd Place

Red Assemblage
Wayne Gretzky Estate Winery
Shiraz Cabernet 2006 GOLD

(Tied for 1st Place)
Legends Estates Winery
Riesling Reserve 2003 GOLD
Tawse Winery
Sketches of Niagara Riesling 2007 GOLD

Calamus Estate Winery
Gewürztraminer 2007 

Chardonnay Musqué
Cave Spring Cellars
Chardonnay Musqué 2007

Sauvignon Blanc
 (Tied for 1st Place)
Peninsula Ridge Estates Winery
Sauvignon Blanc Wismer Vineyards 2007
Peninsula Ridge Estates Winery
Fumé Blanc 2006

Peller Estates Winery
Signature Series Chardonnay Sur Lie 2007 GOLD
Southbrook Vineyards
Triomphe Chardonnay 2006 2nd Place GOLD
Vineland Estates Winery
Elevation Chardonnay 2007 3rd place

White Assemblage
Hillebrand Estates Winery
Winery Trius White 2007 GOLD

Tony Aspler Cuvée Award of Excellence
sponsored by Tony Aspler
Darryl Brooker, Hillebrand Estates Winery
Darryl Brooker, Hillebrand's winemaker – who raised the bar of quality for Ontario wines by bringing his extensive experience of winemaking in Australia and New Zealand to Canada and sharing it magnanimously with his peers.

Cuvée Gold Award
Inniskillin Wines
Cabernet Franc Icewine 2007

Cuvée Award of Excellence in Viticulture
sponsored by Grape Growers of Ontario
Martin Schuele, Schuele Vineyards




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