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A gift for the literate wine-lover in your life – who may be you. Tony's murder mystery novels, set in the world of wine, are now available at a discount – autographed.

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Hot off the press: Tony Aspler's Cellar Book 

How to Design, Build, Stock and Manage Your Wine Cellar Wherever You Live

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Tony Aspler's Cellar Book (Random House Canada; November 7, 2009) provides inspiration and practical guidance for anyone who wants to lay down wines that will be ready to open for a mid-week dinner, for a spontaneous celebration or for your children's future enjoyment.

Tony Aspler, The Wine Guy as he simply known, is Canada's premier wine writer. In this new book he shares his expertise in establishing a cellar, be it as humble as a corner in the bedroom of your apartment or as grand as a thoroughly renovated basement.

His recommendations for specific bottles from the world's top wine-producing regions, accompanied by a simple chart for easy comparison, will help you create the perfect collection for your needs and aspirations.

Tony includes basic techniques for evaluating the kind of cellar that will work for you a place to keep wine for a weekday dinner, or a place to age investment wines – regardless, one you'll be proud to share with friends and family. You'll also find practical information about environment, essential materials, and the technique of racking, accompanied by side-bars that offer advice from decades of cellaring experience and from well-known wine celebrities around the world.

This complete reference includes a listing of Wine Vocabulary, and detailed charts for easy comparison of grapes, regions or other attributes in a wine you may wish to focus on for your own collection. It covers all-the-bases and gives readers the tools for understanding the principles of matching food and wine always matching the wine to the strongest flavour on the plate.

In simple terms, Tony gives pointers on what aspects of a wine make for the best food pairing, from frog's legs and Sauvignon Blanc to hot dogs and Beaujolais to a more traditional Beef Wellington and Côtes de Beaune.

And of course Tony includes a look at the basics of wine tasting that Canadians have come to rely on him for: the proper way to evaluate, look, smell and taste a vintage of your choosing. He also gives pointers on how to cook with wine, and offers sage advice such as never to cook with wine that you would not want to drink.

The book is filled with personal stories from Tony about his own start with cellaring, including a modest collection started in his basement apartment on Abbey Road across from the legendary Beatles studio (and all the tourists!), in London. Tony shares many of his colourful experiences throughout his career, not to mention the great lessons he learned along the way, many the hard way. See also his section on Common Wine Mistakes.

Finally, follow Tony as he builds his own very unusual cellar in his condo. Readers will pick up tips for starting their own cellars by learning about the space, materials and racks Canada's Wine Guy chose for himself.

Tony Aspler's Cellar Book is more than just a practical guide. This book will regale you with the delights of a life lived appreciating the range of wines in the world has to offer. Like a glass of the finest claret, it offers an occasion both to learn and to enjoy.

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