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Importing Wine, Beer & Spirits for Pleasure & Profit 

DATE: Saturday June 6th, 2015
9:30 am to 4 pm
REGISTRATION: $325 includes course material, lunch, 30 days of post-seminar email support
(HST exempt)

More than any other consumer product, the alcoholic beverage industry has the ability to weather periods of slow or negative economic growth. Statistics Canada recently reported that net income among the provincial liquor authorities in 2014 rose 3.6% to $6.2 billion. More than half this amount is from the sale of imported wine, beer and spirits.

In Ontario, the LCBO reported imported beverage alcohol sales of $2.8 billion during their most recent fiscal year, a 4% increase over the previous fiscal.

As Canadians thirst for more diversity in the alcoholic beverages that they consume, this presents a very real opportunity for new agents & importers.

Join Charles Steven Trenholme for his day-long seminar Importing for Wine, Beer & Spirits for Pleasure & Profit, which provides the insight on the dynamics of importing wine, craft beers & spirits into Canada. Based in Toronto, he has over 30 years experience working in various capacities including managing a national sales agency, brand manager of Mosel wines in Germany and consulting to Wines of South Africa and SABMiller.

Steven knows first-hand that there are still hundreds of suppliers around the world actively looking for importers to represent them in Canada, providing the opportunity to develop a full or part-time career in this dynamic industry.

Wineries, craft breweries & distilleries around the world are opening at a rapid rate creating more supply than existing agents can handle. To establish a start-up agency requires little financial investment. The most important asset is having the knowledge of the beverage industry channels and knowing how to leverage them in order to be successful. My seminar offers this insight & information as well as customized support to ensure that every participant has the tool set needed to get started & ultimately succeed.

Many of Ontario's top importers & agents started their careers after attending Steven's seminar.  They readily agreed that they gained valuable insight to the ins & outs of importing beverage alcohol, as well as the operations of the LCBO.

Charles Steven has offered this seminar since 1993, receiving rave reviews from The Globe & Mail, Wine Tidings, Toronto Life, Toronto Sun, The Hamilton Spectator, Wine Access and Vines Magazine as well as CBC Radio.

Topics that will be covered during the seminar are:

Morning Session

  • Where to find new and interesting wines, spirits and beers.
  • How to start your own successful import agency
  • Determining the best strategy for new product development
  • How to negotiate with suppliers
  • Marketing channels – which are the best for you and your suppliers
  • Opportunities as a Consignment and/or Private Stock Agent
  • Employment opportunities in the beverage alcohol industry

A light lunch will be served.

Afternoon Session

  • How products are priced
  • Agent commissions and promotional allowances
  • Ordering samples
  • Dealing effectively with the LCBO
  • Selecting the right products for today's market
  • How the LCBO selects products and how to increase your chance of success
  • Vintages – a lucrative market
  • Determining the best strategy for a new product launch.
  • Working with LCBO wine consultants – how to find sales support at store level
  • Working with the media
  • Other provincial markets: privatization, options & opportunities

Already an agent? This seminar will be invaluable to you too
While informative to novices, Charles Steven's breadth of industry experience and information will be of great value to existing agents as well. Steven will give tips & tricks for existing agents to secure more listings in the LCBO. The knowledge gained during this seminar will undoubtedly give any aspiring or existing agent a competitive advantage.

BONUS: 30 day email support 
Charles Steven is only a few clicks away to help you after the seminar. Steven's seminar style is both professional and entertaining. Learning from each other there will be plenty of opportunities to discuss and share their experiences working with suppliers and the LCBO.

More about Steven Trenholme...
Steven is the principal of CS TRENHOLME & ASSOCIATES, an international Sales & Marketing Consulting firm supporting the beverage alcohol industry. He has been involved in all facets of agency management, supplier relations and he also assists with LCBO negotiations. He is a consultant to the French, German, Italian, Spanish, South African, Australian and Mexican governments as well as a number of important wine producing firms. 

For more information about Steven as well as CS Trenholme & Associates take a look on his website


Rave reviews from industry professionals

I have taken a few courses where "the business of wine" has been a required component, but NOTHING has compared to the relevancy of Steven's content. If you are considering a career in the beverage alcohol business in Ontario, you need this information. Steven is experienced, professional and he offers sound advice delivered succinctly in one day.
—A. Carmichael – LCBO Manager & Product Consultant – Oakville

It is refreshing to see new people excited to get into our industry.  I think your seminar provides a valuable tool and service in the Ontario wine industry. 
—Alex Patinios – President Dionysus Agencies

Thank you once again for an informative information session. —Alanna Bailey – Product Manager LCBO VINTAGES – Toronto

I enjoyed the seminar both from a professional and personal perspective. From a professional perspective, I have been thinking that this type of seminar would provide a very good introduction for newcomers to the industry on who our biggest customer is and how they work. I think this would be valued added not just for Sales and Marketing folks (your typical target) but for Operations side people as well.
—Doug Saunders – Director, Supply Chain, Vincor Canada (A Constellation Company) – Toronto

It was a great learning experience for me, and I thank you for the opportunity. You do an excellent job with your presentation.
—Gilberto Bojaco – President – Canadian Association of Professional Sommeliers

The "refresher" was actually quite worthwhile.  Some of the material Steven covered 7 years ago when I attended in Toronto resonated better now that I have had more exposure to the industry.  The material generated some new thoughts for me. A great day... well done!
—Bill Ellis – President, National Capital Sommelier Guild – Ottawa


Contact info
Steven Trenholme
1 Yonge Street
Suite 1801
Toronto, Ontario, M5E 1W7
Tel: 647-233-3580




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