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A Wine Lover's Diary, part 46 (August 2, 2005)

Monday, July 25: The heat has not broken yet. Worked on the Ontario chapter, which is long and will keep me occupied for at least two weeks in terms of rewrites. Deborah took Pinot to be groomed but returned with nothing having been done to her other than a bath. Pinot wouldn't stop barking when she was put on the grooming table, apparently, and that was that. Apparently we have to get her used to the grooming table. Pinot also flunked out of obedience school. I'm dreading Wednesday, when she goes to get fixed. For dinner we opened a bottle of the 2003 Bouchard Père et Fils La Vignée Bourgogne Pinot Noir – quite a mouthful in both senses. That 2003 vintage can make an inexpensive red Burgundy (this one is $17.65) taste just great.

Tuesday, July 26: Less hot today. Worked on the book in the morning and then a meeting with Forefront Communications about next year's Ontario Wine Awards. Followed by another meeting of the advisory board for Todd Halpern's Grand Cru Culinary Wine Festival in aid of Toronto General Hospital. There are 23 winemakers coming in to host dinners in private homes and to pour their wines at a tasting in October. Dinner: a bottle of Rosemount Chardonnay Semillon 2004 with some disgusting yellowfin Tuna burgers that Deborah bought. We both took one bite and pushed the plate away. At least the wine was good.

Wednesday, July 27: I used to have a Gary Larson cartoon on the fridge for the longest time. It showed a dog sitting in the back of a car while its master was about to drive. The dog is speaking to another dog who is sitting despondently in the yard behind the picket fence. The dog in the car is saying: "Heh heh, Biff, he's taking me to the park and then I'm going to the vet to get tutored." Well, today Pinot goes to the vet to get tutored. She will spend the night there and we will pick her up tomorrow... Had a meeting with Sara Angel and the designers of the wine atlas to discuss maps and illustrations. The mock-up looks great.

Thursday, July 28: On the way down to record my wine reviews for 680 News I heard there was a bomb scare on the subway and all stations between St. Clair and Union were closed. I had to walk from St. Clair to the Rogers building on Bloor, which took about 40 minutes. Mercifully it was downhill and the trains were running again when I finished recording. In the afternoon David Lawarson picked me up to drive to Doug Tower's house, where we tasted forty-some Ontario wines. My laptop suddenly went black on the very last wine, although I had it plugged into the mains. Apparently the power adapter wasn't working and the batteries ran out. It's a Dell and Future Shop recommended that I wait to get an adaptor from them rather than trying a universal power pack. It would happen, of course, just before the long weekend which means I am without the laptop for four days – as long as Dell delivers the new adapter on Tuesday.

Friday, July 29: A photographer from Post City magazines came over this morning to take a new head shot for my column. She sent the three best shots to me by email for me to choose one. They are all awful, but luckily it will be reduced to the size of a postage stamp in the magazine. Worked on the atlas. The deadline for delivery of the Ontario chapter is August 12th. It's going to a hard slog to make it. For dinner, McWilliams Cabernet Merlot 2002 from Australia with marinated lamb cutlets.




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