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A Wine Lover's Diary, part 66 (December 19, 2005)

Monday, December 12: Worked on the Wine Report and the wine atlas. It's viciously cold out today and walking Pinot is hard. She loves the snow so much and doesn't seem to notice the cold. She wears her very smart blue jacket, although she refuses to wear anything on her feet against the salt and ice. We tried balloons (like condoms) but that was not acceptable either. Jordan Sarick suggested spraying her pads with PAM. What will that do to the Persian carpet?

Dinner, stir fry with a bottle of Sumac Ridge White Meritage 2004, one of the best white wines made in Canada.

Tuesday, December 13: A call from the contractor, who has the go-ahead from the insurance company to start rebuilding the house (where the main stack was replaced, on two floors). The plaster dust gets into my lungs still. Wrote a piece on Icewine for City Post Magazines. Still very cold out. Tonight is the party for MW candidates Bruce Maclean and Roger Torriero, who have both passed the blind tasting section of the Masters of Wine exam. The party was meant to be here, but our entire kitchen is now in the living room and dining room on tables. So the event has been moved to the party room in Mary Vari's new apartment building.

Wednesday, December 14: A meeting in the morning with Paul Kostoff and Adam Lukaszuk of MediResource to discuss the website (MediResource designed and operates this site). Paul wants me to switch from a five-star rating for the wine reviews to the 100 point system. His argument is that the star system does not allow for price differential. He would think twice about buying a wine scored 89 that costs $35 as opposed to one I score 87 points that costs $13.95. Although I am opposed to the concept (there is an immutability about an exact score) I think that I will have to go over to this system – albeit reluctantly. Wrote up my Wines of the Week, walked Pinot a few times and spent the evening inputting the reviews for the January 21st Vintages release. Since Deborah was out to dinner with friends I didn't open a bottle of wine (with spaghetti and meat sauce).

Thursday, December 15: A winter storm is threatened. It began snowing at noon and 15–30 centimetres is forecast. Spent the day going over the galleys of the Quebec chapter. The book is looking really exciting now that the maps and the photos are in place. I have a lot of cutting to do to make the components fit into the design – which is like giving blood as far as I am concerned. Although I haven't passed out yet as I customarily do when giving blood. Dinner with Ladka and Gerry Sweeney. Ladka is a great cook so am looking forward to the meal. Allison and Paul Uys were meant to join us but Paul couldn't make it through the storm from Brampton so we were only four at table.

Friday, December 16: Another day going over galleys. Guy Came to dinner and I opened a bottle of Tawse Chardonnay Robyn's Block 2002 with the chicken. This is a magnificent wine made by Deborah Paskus. It reminded me of the Temkin-Paskus Chardonnays that she no longer makes. I think Paskus is the most talented winemaker in Canada.




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